newsXpress calendar deal loved by members

newsXpress members have rushed to snap up an exclusive calendar deals from newsXpress.  We purchased all remaining inventory from a major calendar supplier and made this available for immediate delivery to newsXpress members.

newsXpress members are banking as much as 88% gross profit from the sale of these popular and high-quality calendars.

This latest deal is another example of newsXpress leveraging its buying power and delivering to members an extraordinary opportunity.

Some newsXpress members will make more profit from this deal than their newsXpress membership fees cost in a year. Talk about banking valuable margin dollars.

Handling distribution out of our own distribution centre, newsXpress was able to quickly turn around the opportunity, beating others and ensuring that newsXpress members had access to the excellent margin product for the longest possible time prior to Christmas.

2012 calendar range at newsXpress Upper Edward Street

2012 calendars are already selling at newsXpress Upper Edward Street where their calendar range includes this impulse purchase unit on the shop floor.   Showing off calendars in several locations can be a good way to leverage impulse purchases from shoppers as they move around the newsagency.

Using newsXpress exclusive calendar collateral is an excellent way to draw attention to the calendar range as it promotes range and not just the calendars in the stand on display.