Why buying Australian made birthday cards matters

You might be wondering why it matters whether your birthday cards are from Australia or not. Well, there are actually many benefits to buying Australian made birthday cards! For one thing, they’re made by Australians for Australians so you know that the sentiment is 100% genuine and sincere. They also have a wonderfully unique Aussie flavour as well as being a great way to support local jobs and manufacturing. Read on for 9 reasons why you should buy birthday cards from Australia today!

-It’s a birthday card from Australia – You know the sentiment is 100% genuine and sincere.

-The cards have Australian aesthetic, which makes them unique and great to support jobs in your country that are local!

-They’re made by Australians for Australians.

-Buying these birthday cards helps support manufacturing here at home. Yes, this is about local jobs.

-Supporting local jobs gives back to our communities too! Schools, roads, healthcare … they all benefit.

-Aussie made cards help make is more Aussie.

-Many locally made cards are ethically made with recycled materials, which helps reduce our carbon footprint while also keeping waste out of landfills and oceans!

-A birthday card from Australia is the perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday on their special day here in Australia. It will make them feel loved and cared for because it comes directly from home!

-Supporting Australian Made Greeting Cards has a positive impact on the economy by providing employment opportunities as well as increasing local business profits. What better way to start your birthday celebration than knowing that you are supporting jobs and making an economic difference? Buy Australian Made Birthday Cards today!

newsXpress stores are grateful to offer more and more Australian made cards. This means more Australian jobs. This helps boost our economy, our schools, roads, healthcare and more. Buying Australian made cards is a good move for all Australians, it is good for you, for sure.

Thank you for giving birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, new home cards, christening cards, baptism cards, new baby cards and just because cards.

Thank you for buying Australian. Thank you for shopping local. Thank you for shopping newsXpress. We are over 200 locally owned community-connected retail businesses, serving you.

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