How important is giving a birthday card in Australia?

Birthdays can be a birthday card or just a few words of birthday wishes. However, it’s the thought that counts! Giving someone a birthday card is about showing them how much they matter to you. In this blog post, we’ll explore why giving someone you love a birthday card matters and what you should put in the birthday card when you give one.

What’s the impact of giving someone a birthday card? The impact is showing them how much you care about their birthday and letting them know that they matter to you! Next time, give someone you love a birthday card to let them know how much they matter to you.

What birthday card should I put in the birthday card? There are many different birthday cards that you could choose from. At your local newsXpress we have many birthday card options from which to choose, from serious to funny, classic to on-trend, from naughty to calming.

The birthday card should have the person’s name on it, and a birthday greeting inside. The birthday card could also be more personal with some humorous elements in it or an inspirational quote that you think they would appreciate.

Take your time when writing in the birthday card. Write from the heart. There is no right or wrong set of words as the words you write are your words, they are the words that matter the most when you write on a birthday card.

If your birthday card is for someone in the family or close friends then think of what birthday messages would make them smile on this special day. If it’s for an acquaintance then consider using one of our pre-written birthday cards that are suitable to every occasion – from formal, funny or caring. We have so many options at newsXpress that we’re sure there will be something perfect for everyone: choose from colourful designs with beautiful graphics; traditional fonts; humorous sayings like “My wishes come out as fart bubbles”; boxed cards complete with matching envelopes…the possibilities here are endless.

What birthday card should I put inside the birthday card? Begin by writing a birthday message in your birthday card for that person, i.e., “I hope you have an amazing day” or “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”. You could also consider making it personal, for example: “It was great to meet you at _________ and happy birthday”, or even more personal with something like: “Happy Birthday! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you over these last few months”. If you’re feeling creative then why not write some words of wisdom on the back of your greeting (or inside) e.g.:

-“Persistence is sometimes all we need.”

-There are no mistakes – just lessons.”

-“I have a birthday wish for you”

-Enjoy the little things in life, they’ll make your big days even better.

This is all about YOU! So why not add something that will help them to remember this birthday card forever? It doesn’t matter if it’s on the front of the birthday card or inside – just as long as it has some meaning and sentiment behind it. Keep an eye out when choosing what should go on a birthday message: think like a child with bright colours, funny faces and lots of doodles; choose words written from your heart (and maybe show love towards someone else by referencing their face).

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