newsXpress supports RU OK? this Father’s Day

Every year, fathers day is a time when fathers and father figures receive more than just traditional gifts. It has become an opportunity for the public to demonstrate their love and gratitude toward fathers by raising awareness about mental health issues. This year, newsXpress is supporting the RU OK? organisation and its campaign to help educate people about mental health, to seek professional support if they are finding it difficult to cope with life’s challenges.

The RU OK? organisation operates a free national helpline that has become an integral source of support for many Australians. The fathers day campaign aims to raise awareness about the services available. It is important for fathers to address their emotional wellbeing.

Buying a Father’s Day card from many local newsXpress stores supports RU OK? and their good work in the community.

Shopping in-store for Father’s Day cards at newsXpress is Covid safe and easy. fathers

Father’s Day is celebrated on 19th September in Australia. International fathers day, on the other hand, is celebrated on 3rd June.

Australia Post released a survey on fathers day spending trends in 2013. The results show that the average Australian will spend $65 on fathers day cards for dad and $54 on fathers day gifts for their children’s dad. newsXpress stores offer an excellent range of fathers day cards to celebrate your father, fathers day gifts to buy for dad and unique fathers day cards that address the challenges fathers may face in today’s society.

With over 200 stores across Australia, newsXpress makes it easy to find a fathers day cards store in your local area. We encourage locals to drop by their local newsXpress store for their fathers day card needs this fathers day.

If you or someone you know may be struggling with mental health issues, visit the RU OK? website.

By supporting RU OK? this father’s day, newsXpress is grateful to support a vital organisation that does much good in the community. We are thankful to our customers for their support of us and through that their support of RU OK? too

. Let’s all get behind fathers day and mental health awareness this fathers day by supporting RU OK? and other organisations doing good work in this area.

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