Toblerone offer for Father’s Day from newsXpress

newsXpress members have been presented plenty of terrific opportunities for Father’s Day from a range of preferred suppliers. One offer is this KING DAD Toblerone. It’s 400g of deliciousness, a certain treat and tempter for Dads all over.

A tasty treat for Dad and the family to share while trading stories and good times on Father’s Day. It’s also a perfect gift to package and mail to a Dad far away.

newsXpress members are salivating at the opportunity of selling this delicious dad treat for Father’s Day. Some are planning on this as being a centrepiece for Father’s Day. Others plan on it being an impulse purchase item displayed with newspapers.

Some people could be disappointed given the interest in this terrific product. First in best dressed as they say.

newsXpress will support this item with promotion across a couple of our marketing platforms.

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