newsXpress – helping Aussie newsagents be more relevant than ever

newsXpress helps Aussie newsagents run more relevant and appealing businesses, serving local communities in Australia with product they want – in-store and click and collect.

Through newsXpress local newsagents can easily sell online for delivery anywhere in Australia as well as for fast and easy click and collect.

This is the newsagency of the future – an efficient tech based model that delivers to local community products newsagents are known for like papers and magazines and plenty more products like awesome games, toys, gifts and more.

newsXpress newsagents bring to you the very best in toys, collectibles, jigsaws, games and other fun and enjoyable items that are helping to make 2020 a year of happy memories.

There are newsagents and, then, there are newsXpress newsagents. newsXpress newsagents are a happy group, vibrant, changing and serving communities with funky and enjoyable products and doing this in ways that are relevant in 2020 and beyond. This is a year of wonderful change and newsXpress through its newsagent members is embracing the change.

From stationery, to birthday cards, to packaging materials, to candles, to gifts for him, to gifts for her, to gifts for yourself … your local newsXpress is bound to be able to serve your needs. Plus, it can do this online, too.

newsXpress is a wonderful place for celebrating, enjoying, remembering and generally engaging in live and the emotions of life.

We help local newsagents make businesses that are enjoyable and valuable for those who rely on the business.

This is the difference newsXpress brings to newsagents who partner with the newsagency group … we offer opportunities, not demands. Everything we do and suggest is optional, up to the local retailer to decide as to relevance for their local business situation.

Selling online has been part of the newsXpress newsagent opportunity for more than five years. Most of our members have an online connection through the online engagement opportunities newsXpress offers. This could be for local delivery, out of town delivery, click and collect and more. Online is one of a bunch of key differentiators that newsXpress offers its members and for which it has terrific runs on the board.

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