Helping small business newsagents have a terrific 2020

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group that helps small business newsagents in Australia to run more enjoyable, successful and valued local retail businesses.

Most of our newsXpress newsagent member businesses are in regional Australia, on main streets, serving local shoppers and local community groups.

newsXpress newsagents are local families with kids in local schools, hiring local people, serving the local community.

Our local newsXpress newsagent businesses can be found in all states and territories of Australia. We are national but all of our newsXpress newsagent businesses are locally owned and locally run.

This is why no two newsXpress businesses will look the same. They sell products in service of their local community. They are responsive and engaged.

newsXpress helps its members to find products appropriate to their businesses preferencing Australian made because of what this means for local jobs because here in 2020, local jobs do matter.

Helping small business newsagents in this way, to run moire locally focussed and successful and safe businesses is a core part of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group mission – in service of all in the local newsagent business who rely on the business for income.

Here is a small part of what we have done with and for newsXpress newsagent business members already in 2020:

  • Early access to state and territory grants. Even where they did not quality for JobKeeper we helped plenty make the case for grant funding.
  • Rent relief. We have helped many newsXpress members with rent relief, which has ranged from 25% off rent for 6 months to 75% off rent for 6 months.
  • Bonus GP%. On top of newsXpress preferential pricing, 51 suppliers provided an additional 5% of GP April through June on all purchases in an exclusive
  • First with jigsaws. In February we pitched jigsaws as a growth category in a Covid world. Our members grabbed inventory, and achieved excellent sales.
  • Online with jigsaws. In March we turned on a national jigsaw website connected to newsXpress stores to win delivery and click and collect sales. It’s been a hit.
  • First with nesting. In March we identified nesting as a popular growth category. Members following our advice have added thousands of dollars in revenue.
  • New suppliers. We have brought on 15 new suppliers in recent months, almost all of whom have not previously dealt with newsagents.

There are many more items on this list, many more benefits delivered to local newsagency businesses as 2020 has rolled out and there is plenty more to come, in service of local communities around Australia.

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