How newsXpress helps small business newsagents run more valuable retail businesses

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group focussed on helping small business newsagents top run more successful and enjoyable retail business.

By understanding what is important to us you can discover what we focus on for newsXpress members. Based on our work with newsagents, here are the top things we hear in 2020 are important to small business newsagents.

  • Helping you save money. Because, cash is king.
  • Exclusive products. Through which to differentiate your business.
  • Helping you find customers you would not usually reach.
  • Helping you enjoy your business because enjoying your business is key for you and all who working the newsagency business.
  • Change is inevitable. COVID-19 brought about urgent change and newsXpress was engaged from the outset, supporting, guiding, helping … providing confidence.
  • Good business data can help reveal trends. newsXpress has been first with advice to leverage fads and when to exit.
  • Brands support newsXpress and member businesses. We put brands first.
  • We love to see and hear newsXpress members talking with each other, sharing experiences and insights. Great ideas have been discovered on a shop floor.
  • The journey. We prefer to focus on the steps we take today rather than where we might be tomorrow because we know in small business, in retail and in newsagencies, tomorrow is an unknown. We focus on what we know and the next step we will take.
  • New traffic. We chase products and opportunities to drive new traffic, people you do not usually see in your business – ideally, new traffic that will return.

Newsagents are demonstrating their value to local communities, value in helping keep people informed, helping people connect and helping people get through challenging situations.

Newsagents are core to local communities and newsXpress is core is its focus of support for newsagents. Every day we work with newsagents to help them, in practical and valuable terms, to help small business retailers in the newsXpress newsagency community to run better businesses.

Better can be a subjective term. To us it is a business that is more enjoyable, more profitable and more valuable.

The help newsXpress offers is personal and nuanced to local needs, based on what the newsXpress newsagent says they need or what the objectives are for their personal situation

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