Stroytime: virtual hugs

Storytime.  “Hey, do you have a small pad like the size of a pack of cards or smaller?” “Sure,” I said, and grabbed a couple of pads from our stationery area and put them on the counter, in front of the young guy, “take a look at these.” He flicked through, fanning the pages. “They are perfect.” He was smiling.

I usually leave customers to their purchases. This time, curiosity got the better of me. “Can I ask what they are for?” “It’s my grandma, she’s in a nursing home and we can’t visit on account of the corona as I’m going to make a flip book cartoon for her of her and me hugging.”=

“What a beautiful gesture,” I said, feeling choked up. “I’d love to see it when you’re done if possible.” “Sure,” he said.

A week later he was back. The cartoon was amazing, so creative.

It’s a privilege in retail to serve customers who express themselves in the most wonderful ways.

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