newsXpress helps newsagents through COVID-19

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress continues to support small business newsagents through the challenges of COVID-19. It is doing this through a range of platforms such as:

  • Daily Zoom meetings. These are a live meeting of members who are available at 2pm every day Monday to Friday. The sessions and filmed and made available to those unable to attend live.
  • Personal support. We work with retailers one-on-one on re-casting their business based on data and using videos and photos from in-store.
  • Virtual trade shows. Introducing suppliers and their products to retailers through video presentation and live Q&A – like a personal trade show experience.
  • New suppliers. newsXpress has welcomes eight new suppliers in recent weeks with each helping extend the shopper appeal for newsXpress members.
  • Mental health support. Offering encouragement and strategies for dealing with the mental health challenges of 2020.
  • Deals. newsXpress has unlocked some high value deals for its members, helping them drive excellent gross product percentage results that are best-practice.
  • Cash flow beneficial. newsXpress has provided cash-flow benefits to members through a range of negotiated arrangements.

COVID-19 is challenging for many. newsXpress is here to support retailers and provide them with tools they can leverage for a better 2020 for their business and all who rely on it.

We hope your 2020 is going well and that you are safe.

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