Storytime: the scrapbook

Storytime.  Young Harry was our youngest shopper the other day. He’s 6, because he told us. “I’m 6,” he said, passing up a scrap book to buy. Out of his pocket he pulled two small handfuls of coins. “It’s for my great gran,” Harry said, “we can’t see her and I want to make her smile because she’s sad and I want to make her smile.” Harry was on a mission.

“I bet you’re going to fill it with some good drawings,” I said to Harry, handing back the scrapbook. “And photos,” he said, “we’ve got photos and I made this poster for school, so we are going to stick that in there and I’m going to write her a story, aren’t I mum?” Mum looked on, proud and smiling. “This is going to make her happy isn’t it mum?”

Harry and his mum walked out holding hands.

It makes us feel good knowing that a basic scrapbook we sell will become a cherished keepsake that brings joy.

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