Storytime: an early Father’s Day card sale

Storytime. We had our first Father’s Day cards customer the other day. It was Vic. Before we put the cards out we called him because it had become a tradition.

For years, Vic would come and buy a Father’s Day card sit at the back of the shop and write on it before putting it in the envelope and sealing it.

Vic, who is in his 70s now, lost his dad when he was 30. Every year since, he has written his dad a Father’s Day card. He told us he keeps them in a wooden box his dad had made him when he was a kid.

Vic likes that we call him when the new season Father’s Day cards in so he can look through them before we put them on display. We are grateful to be part of his tradition.

Father’s Day is different for different people. Cards play different role. At their heart, they help us open our heart.

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