Storytime: the wedding postponed, again

Storytime. Ashley had been looking at cards for 10 minutes before asking for help. “My wedding has been cancelled again, because of the new lockdown,” she said, “it’s okay, I mean, I’m okay but it’s Ryan, he’s not a groomzilla or anything crazy like that but he is scared and I want to tell him that it will be okay, that we will get married, eventually.”

We had a chat about it. It turns out Ashley and Ryan had plans that were cancelled months ago and then cancelled a second time because they really want family from interstate from both sides to make it.

Ashley wanted to let Ryan know it would be okay. We proposed a 50th wedding anniversary card. She loved it and wrote these words: “I know it’s sad we had to postpone the wedding, again. So you know how I feel, I have already picked out the 50th wedding anniversary card for you. I love you Ryan.”

A card lets you say what you want to say in a way that can be kept forever.

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