2023 Tooth Fairy Kit from the Royal Australian Mint out now

We are grateful to offer the 2023 Tooth Fairy Kit from the Royal Australian Mint here at our website www.mintcoinshop.com.au.

This tooth fairy kit is a wonderful gift, a wonderful keepsake of losing a tooth and  nurturing fantasy and fun for the family and the young one who has lost a tooth.

This 2023 tooth fairy kit continues a tradition and helps young families create new traditional

What we offer is the official 2023 Tooth Fairy Kit made here in Australia by the Royal Australian Mint.

This wonderful product has it all. The popular Tooth Fairy Kit for 2023 comes with the same great inclusions; special keepsake box, toothbrush, floating glitter pen and even a tooth chart. This year a brand new coin design that features a fairy playfully perched on top of a garden mushroom, fun and colourful new packaging all makes for a delightful gift for parents and grandparents to give to younger children that are about to lose their first tooth .

What a gift. What a collector piece. What memories to cherish.

Offering the 2023 Tooth Fairy Kit is a joyful thing for us as it helps us help so many families celebrate and be happy.

We are an authorised dealer for coins and products, like the 2023 Tooth Fairy Kit, from the Royal Australian Mint along with many newsXpress businesses located around Australia.

We love a bit of history and checked when the Tooth Fairy became a thing. The Tooth Fairy is a fantasy figure of course. It comes from Western and Western-influenced cultures.

The tradition or folklore is that when children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow or on their bedside table and the Tooth Fairy will visit while they sleep, replacing the lost tooth with a coin.

Of course, it’s up to parents how long the Tooth Fairy visits. Some stop after one tooth while others stop after all baby teeth.

The 2023 Tooth Fairy Kit is a gift to cherish. Perfect for families to buy as well as grand parents, aunts and uncles.

Here at the Mint Coin Shop, we pack and ship from Hawthorn in Victoria. We also offer click and collect. Our shipping pick up happens Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you want the 2023 Tooth Fairy Kit, we can help. we expect to have new stock arriving all through 2023.

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  1. I unfortunately missed out on these 2023 tooth fairy kits. If you get some in, could you please let me know? Ideally, I like 4 for each of my children. Thankyou so much!! Renee

      1. Please I too missed out melbourne here
        I need 7 for the grandkids please to put in their $2 folders

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