Gummi night lights show off newsagency marketing group innovation

newsXpress newsagency marketing group members have access to an excellent range of products from preferred suppliers.  Many suppliers offer products with which newsXpress members can redefine the newsagency shopping experience and through this buils a healthier margin story.

Take the gummi lights available through one of our preferred suppliers. While some newsagents diss these as not appropriate to a newsagency, they are generating traffic and sales and have earned their place in a newsagency of the future, a newsagency that is targeting a broader cross-section of shoppers than the old school newsagency.

While the gummi products of themselves will not make a business successful, they are another step in the redefinition of the business and the shoppers it is attracting, they are a product around which wonderful business success can be built.

Our new Westfield Southland store is building terrific success with these.

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