newsXpress phonecard offers expanded services

newsXpress was proud recently to announce to members of its newsagency marketing group that thanks to diligent work there are now three uses for the newsXpress phone card product.  These three valuable reasons are:

  1. Call international for as cheap as 1c per minute with no additional fees or hidden cost,
  2. Make Australia wide STD calls to landlines for 25c untimed. Landline providers usually charge 25c per minute, where we charge only 25c per call…… UNTIMED!!
  3. Then our newest feature, the Global App which now gives customers access to use the card from overseas while travelling to make calls using their newsXpress calling card from a smart phone, laptop or tablet for the same price as if they are in Australia. So call back from overseas to an Australian landline for only 25 cents un-timed.

These opportunities demonstrate the value of the newsXpress phone card as what we call the best value phone card in Australia.

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