Mother’s Day in the window at newsXpress Sunbury Square

The creative team at newsXpress Sunbury Square got in early with Mother’s Day, promoting the major season in the front window of the newsagency.

This Mother’s Day display featuring Hallmark’s Breville giveaway has made great usage of newsXpress collateral in the shop front window. The Hallmark Mother’s Day cards are just inside, near the window display. This is an excellent display for attracting shoppers.

What an outstanding job to newsXpress Sunbury Square!

Mothers Day is also a great time to take advantage of anything you may have in store that aim at all mothers.


Newsagents should take a look in store to see what’s on offer to the mothers of your area. It may be cooking magazines or even art supplies from newsXpress preferred supplier Educational Colours. Children always like to make things for their mum. Get creative and send in your display photos so we can share them with all newsXpress stores.

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One thought on “Mother’s Day in the window at newsXpress Sunbury Square”

  1. It was Chelsea our youngest staff member, who put this display together. It pays to let your staff show their talents as they each bring something different to the business.

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