Cheeki bottle school fundraiser

newsXpress is proud to be engaged with the Cheeki Bottles School Fundraising Opportunity.

This is a comprehensive local school and community program run with a local school through a newsXpress location and in partnership with our fiends at Cheeki.

newsXpress members are sold the safe and respected Cheeki bottle range at the wholesale price, then on sell the range with a healthy mark up to the school. The school will on sell to their school community at the RRP.

The benefits for retailers to implement newsXpress / Cheeki our fundraiser are:

  • Help their local school with making additional funds for the school.
  • Providing an environmentally and healthy products to school students. Most Schools are banding plastic bottles in their schools.
  • Generate more foot traffic for their store, for possible future sales.

newsXpress engages with suppliers in a broad range of way to drive the local community connection and, through this, attract more shoppers to the store.

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