newsXpress helps local Aussie newsagents transform their businesses

newsXpress Leven in Ulverstone Tasmania has transformed from a traditional local newsagency into a thriving gift destination for locals, tourists and people from outside of town who appreciate the range on offer and the service. Sharene and Wayne have transformed what was a traditional newsagency business from decades ago into this fresh and appealing shop. And, yes, this is a local newsagency …

When we read news articles about newsagency businesses they tend to be rooted in years gone by, and the photos accompanying such articles reflect businesses that look nothing like I am sharing here. It is frustrating in that our channel has many newsagency businesses embracing change and offering retail experiences outside of the traditional we read too often about.

newsXpress Leven is testament to the willingness of Sharene and Wayne to seek out and embrace change. It’s a newsagency for sure, but much much more than that.

One thing to especially notice about this business is the fitout. They have done this themselves. Brilliant!

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