newsXpress is not a newsagency franchise and why that matters to local Aussie newsagents

newsXpress is not a franchise group and as such does not operate under the obligations and requirements of the franchise code of conduct.

newsXpress is a marketing group, a local retail business marketing group. It provides support, advice and nourishment for local retail newsagents around Australia.

It is the how and what of newsXpress that sets it as not being a franchise group.

newsXpress is not intrusive or demanding. It does not make demands in terms of products ranged, prices set or how a business operates. newsXpress does not have demands in terms of business name, layout or uniforms.

All of these things and more demonstrate that newsXpress is not a franchise and that newsXpress local retailers are not franchisees, which is liberating for them.

By not being a franchise, newsXpress can be more flexible in terms of what it offers its members while at the same time enabling a more flexible operation by newsXpress member businesses themselves.

This is good news for local small business retailers who value independence.

Now, let’s turn to the what of newsXpress …

The more money you make in your retail business today, the more valuable it is when you decide to sell.

This is key to cultivating joy in your newsagency business.

Focussing on profitability today is vital not only financially but also in terms of your happiness.

Growing profit is achieved through ranging products that attract new shoppers, pricing to maximise the opportunity, marketing outside your usual reach and turning product faster than usual.

newsXpress helps with each of these opportunities, and more. We have added many new suppliers this year, delivered unexpected bonus margin and delivered money-making strategies that go to the core of success.

We offer evidence-based advice to back our suggestions. What you do in your business is 100% up to you.

Here at newsXpress we help businesses that have limited or no capital grow in value. Our team of twelve retail professionals has a deep well of skills and experience.

For $175.00 a month, we think that newsXpress offers the most valuable marketing group membership available.

We’d love to help you run a more valuable business and more enjoyable business. If you’d like that, let’s talk.

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