Newsagents hear the most heartwarming stories

Storytime:  Some days, newsagents share the most heartwarming stories. A colleague shared this with me a few days ago. It chokes me up to think about it. Here is the story they shared…

A regular customer of mine, ‘Viktor’, put a small stack of cards on the counter, covering all the highlights of life: 18th birthday, 21st birthday, engagement, wedding, new home, first anniversary, second anniversary, a couple of new baby cards, some blank cards and a you’ve got this card.

I knew Viktor and said him “that’s a lot of cards there mate.” He glanced at me before looking away, saying nothing. I scanned all the cards, worked out that he bought enough for a couple of free ones, gave him the discount and put the purchases in a bag.

Viktor stood for a moment after paying. He took a breath, and told me the story. “The cancer they thought was gone, is back, in a couple of other places. Six months, maybe a little more, they think. I figured cards are the best way I can be part of Mel’s life as she grows up. So, I’m going home to write on these over the next few days and give them to Jill to give to Mel on each occasion. It’s the best way I can be there for her.”

My heart was full on hearing Viktor’s story from my colleague and what he planned to do for his teenage daughter. #love #compassion #family

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