Storytime: you are not alone

Storytime. Ethan has had a tough couple of years being bullied at school. His aunt, Teresa, a regular in our shop, wanted to send him a card to let him know that he is not alone. “I was bullied when I was a teenager too and felt so lonely,” Teresa told us with the pain of the memory clear on her face. “Even though he lives interstate, I figured a card is a good way to let him know that he’s not alone, that I care.”

Teresa found one of our R U OK? cards from Henderson. On the front it said You are not alone. “This is so perfect.” Teresa was happy with her purchase.

We get that a card does not fix a bullying situation. The “you are not alone” message could be comfort they need as those who support them help them in other ways.

We hear stories from our customers and the kindness in their hearts that guided their purchase. It is heart-warming.

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