Hallmark Itty Bittys available now online from newsXpress

newsXpress has launched Itty Bittys in Australia, a new public website offering shoppers access to the adorable collectible Itty Bittys from hallmark.

With many licenced products, the Itty Bittys in Australia website is a new home for Itty Bitty collectors to see new products, purchase and engage in their love of collecting Itty Bittys.

newsXpress shops in Australia sell Itty Bittys.  Click here to see the shops in the newsXpress network selling Itty Bittys.

Thanks to our friends at Hallmark we have a terrific heads-up on new Itty Bittys.

Also, from time to time, we bring in some hard to get Itty Bittys from the US and elsewhere, expanding the unique range available on our Itty Bittys collector website. These occasional bonuses are loved by collectors. We are thrilled when they get so excited.

Itty Bittys are from Hallmark in the United States. They decide the licences and characters they release. The new releases are planned far out. What we see in Australia can vary from what is available in the US because of licence requirements. Some licence owners place significant restrictions on where and whether licences can be on products in foreign countries.

newsXpress shops locally with Itty Bittys stock products selected by the store owner.

Whether you are buying your first Itty Bitty or adding to a collection, these adorable soft characters are a wonderful addition to any home, car or desk where people connect with the characters they love.

We are grateful for the opportunity to bring such joy to the lives of people.

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