Why we love Ty Beanie Boos at newsXpress

We love ty Beanie Boos because they make people happy. From kids to parents to grandparents, boys and girls, young and old, everyone loves Beanie Boos.

In our newsXpress Beanie Boo shops around Australia you can find current and retired Beanie Boos. Collectors love the range and love that we have more than 200 shops around Australia, helping new collectors get started and fall in love with these adorable things.

At newsXpress shops you will also find exclusive Beanie Boos, Boos that you can only get from newsXpress shops in Australia.

We are an authorised ty stockist. This means we get our products from them through their Australian distributor. We do not parallel import. We do not purchase secondhand. This means you can trust what you buy from us.

In our shops you can collect your Beanie Boo Collector Poster while stocks last. This is a wonderful gift, there is no charge.

We host special collector events when new characters arrive, special competitions at different seasonal times and giveaways to celebrate these adorable characters.

Each newsXpress shop is locally owned and they make local decisions about local Beanie Boo promotions. If you would like to know more just ask your local newsXpress shop.

We love all the sizes available of the ty Boos too from the clips to the regular size to medium to large and to extra large. Yes, we love them all as much as any collector loves them. In fact, we love them so much that some of us are collectors ourselves.

Shopping with newsXpress is personal and local. We employ local people. We are well connected with the local community. This is a big newsXpress difference compared to major retailers.

Also, in our shops, you have access to the Beanie Boo Collector Card. This card helps you save money as a collector. It works just like a coffee card. Get stamps on the card and you save money by getting a free boo one you quality. This is a great way to build your collection.

We have new products coming in every few weeks. Stay tuned to your local shop and check us out on our Facebook page for more news and opportunities: https://www.facebook.com/BeanieBoosAustralia/

We are here to help you build a wonderful collection that brings you joy and happiness every day.

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