Storytime: Shania Twain

Storytime. Vicky was standing near the counter holding a birthday card but looking around. It’s easy to pick a customer who wants something but can’t find it. I looked across at her. “Here’s what it is,” she said. “His nibs has a birthday and he said he wants something for his man cave but I don’t want the usual stubby holders or beer. I want to give him something unexpected.”

Vicky was a regular and we knew ‘his nibs’, Mack. We knew Mack loved his country music. “I bet he’s a Shania Twain fan,” I said. “He loves Shania,” Vicky was excited.

I found a Shania Twain Pop! Vinyl figurine and handed it to Vicky. “This is perfect. Shania Twain in the man cave. I knew you’d have something”. The smile on Vicky’s face said it all.

It made our day. The gifts that mean the most can be the ones that most surprise.

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