2024 Tooth Fairy Kit from the Royal Australian Mint

newsXpress is grateful to offer the 2024 Tooth Fairy Kit from the Royal Australian Mint. This year, the kit will release in two colours, each with exactly the same Tooth Fairy coin.

The first release is a beautiful green package while the second release, once produced in quantity, will be an orange package.

Here is the ffront and back of the 2024 Tooth Fairy coin:

Now, here is the package that’s currently shipping:

We are grateful that the Mint has a policy around waste minimisation. This has them using remaining packaging for the 2024 Tooth Fairy Kit prior to releasing the new design packaging.

The coin is what’s new and that’s what matters. What we have supplied is the 2024 Tooth Fairy Kit as shown and described on our website.

The green kit is as delightful and imagination nurturing as the orange coloured packaging.

All of us working together for the benefit of the environment can be proud of this.

We mention this today as some people only want the orange packaging, saying it is the 2024 kit and that the green is the 2023 kit. The Mint has confirmed this is not the case.

The green 2024 kit is labelled as such and has a barcode that is unique to the 2024 product. Most important, however, is that it has the 2024 coin.

2024 is the fifth year of the Tooth Fairy Kit from the Royal Australian Mint. here is a list of what is included in this kit:

  • 2024 $2 Tooth Fairy coin featuring the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III
  • Special keepsake box with Mirror (as shown in the images)
  • Draw String Pouch
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Floating glitter pen
  • Tooth chart.

We are grateful to the Royal Australian Mint for their partnership with newsXpress to help get the Tooth Fairy Kit delivered to families right around Australia.

What we love about the Tooth Fairy Kit is the celebration of fantasy, the nurturing of exploring creativity in such a fun way. We also love that it becomes a keepsake they are sure to treasure for years to come.

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