2024 ANZAC Day coin released

newsXpress is proud to have released the 2024 ANZAC Day coin from the Perth Mint.

Each year on April 25 we remember this pivotal moment in our history – the landing of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) on the Gallipoli Peninsula during World War I. It’s a day of reflection, of honoring the courage and sacrifice of those who fought, and a time to remember all who have served in conflicts since. To mark this solemn occasion, the Perth Mint releases a special coin, and the 2024 edition is a beauty.

This coin is for coin collectors, those who want a remembrance of ANZAC Day, their families and those who care about them. It is a wonderful keepsake, something to cherish.

Flip the coin over, and you’re greeted by a scene that speaks volumes. A war memorial stands tall, a silent sentinel against a backdrop of rolling hills and a peaceful waterway. It’s a reminder that battles have been fought across all kinds of landscapes, a stark contrast to the serenity it now represents.

Two flags droop at half-mast, a universal symbol of respect for those who fell. But there’s a flicker of hope too – a burning torch and eternal flame motif, signifying the unwavering memory of those who served. It’s a powerful image, condensed onto this little piece of metal.

The inscriptions are clear and simple: “25 APRIL” and the ever-present “LEST WE FORGET.” There’s no mistaking the purpose of this coin. The year “2024” and a special “P125” mintmark, celebrating the Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary, complete the design.

This commemorative coin isn’t just about adding something shiny to your collection (although, let’s be honest, it is pretty cool). It’s a conversation starter. Pop it on your desk or keep it in your pocket, and it’s bound to spark a question or two.

Imagine explaining the significance of Anzac Day to a curious kid, or sharing stories of past generations with a friend. This little coin becomes a bridge between the past and present, a reminder of the sacrifices made to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

The 2024 Anzac Day coin, minted from aluminum bronze, is actually Australian legal tender. You could technically use it to buy a coffee (though we wouldn’t recommend it – it’s worth more than a latte!).

The coin comes nestled in a presentation card with a little window, making it perfect for display or gifting. It’s available directly from the Perth Mint or through coin dealers, so you can grab one for yourself or someone special.

Anzac Day is a day to remember the fallen, to honor the veterans, and to reflect on the ANZAC spirit – mateship, courage, and resilience. The Perth Mint’s 2024 coin is a beautiful tribute to all that, a small but powerful reminder that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

We are grateful to offer this coin.

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