newsXpress helps retail newsagents save time and cut mistakes when receiving new stock.

Every time staff in an Aussie newsagency type details of a new stock item into the POS computer system or manually process an invoice for stock they have received, it costs labour time and could result in data mistakes, which could lead to bad decisions.

This is a waste of time and money for the business.

Electronic invoices save time, and they cut mistakes.

Aussie Newsagency POS software company Tower Systems and newsXpress together help Aussie newsagents save time, cut mistakes and benefit from more accurate business data.

newsXpress supporting doing the tech side as well as the in-business operational side and providing understanding and practical support, newsagents and people who work in newsagency businesses can save time and money and make better business decisions as a result.

The joint Tower Systems newsagency software and newsXpress retail newsagency business management approach is a winner.

Just this month, February 2023, newsXpress and Tower, working together, have helped bring on another major supplier to the world of electronic invoices. This is a big win for Aussie newsagents. More time saved. More mistakes cut. More benefits for the local Aussie newsagency channel.

It is hard work bringing on a new supplier. There is work with their tech, finance and management teams, considerably work, and testing, and more work. It is only those skilled with software tech and the running of a retail newsagency who can do this to the best advantage of local Aussie newsagents.

All newsXpress members have access to these benefits and more.

We nurture your success through opportunities you can leverage, often needing little or no capital investment. We share these in one of our regular (at least twice a week) member emails, or our regular member Zoom meetings.

Opportunities can be new suppliers, new products, in-store tactical changes, out of store marketing ideas. Often, they are early adopter opportunities that can help our members win before other retailers know about the opportunity.

We lay out for your consideration a pathway to a success.

Opportunities can be sales to people who will never visit your shop through any of several national #1 ranked consumer facing websites, and / or your own exclusive website, under a brand you choose.

Beyond this awesome work on the tech side of running a successful local Aussie retail newsagency business, newsXpress also helps you make more money with supplier deals and opportunities.

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