2020 tooth fairy coin kit

We are grateful to offer the 2021 tooth fairy coin kit at newsXpress stores and online. The tooth fairy kit is a wonderful gift.

The tooth fairy is a magical creature who visits children in the night. The fairy coins under their pillow for tooth loss. This year, she has created a tooth kit that will be available to purchase exclusively on her website!

The tooth fairy coin kit is a wonderful gift for a child about to lose a tooth, a keepsake gift that is perfect fort celebrating this milestone. The

The Tooth Fairy Kit is a magical keepsake containing a special coin, a bamboo toothbrush, a floating glitter fairy pen, a tooth chart and a special message from the Tooth Fairy. The Royal Australian Mint is proud to be the official Australian supplier of coins to the Tooth Fairy!

This tooth fairy coin kit is a wonderful gift for tooth loss and can be purchased the Mint Coin Shop website.

The kit contains a special coin, toothbrush and other items. The Royal Australian Mint is the official supplier of coins to the Tooth Fairy!

The Mint Coin Shop and newsXpress stores are grateful to be able to offer the tooth fairy kit for families around Australia as they celebrate this occasion of losing child teeth.

The tooth fairy will give you a 2021 tooth fairy coin for your tooth. This tooth fairy kit is exclusively made for the Royal AustralianMmint, which includes an exclusive ‘2021’ tooth fairy coin. The set also comes with a certificate of authenticity that has been limited to 200 sets worldwide so it’s sure to sell out quickly! You can buy this product online or at various retailers around Australia. Don’t miss out on getting one before they are sold out… ! Make sure you have all your teeth until then!

What a wonderful gift, and wonderful fun.

Here at newsXpress we love celebration life’s special occasions and that is where the 2021 tooth fairy kit serves a need in any family. It brings happiness and joy and makes for a keepsake they will treasure for decades to come.

The tooth fairy kit is a wonderful gift.

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