What newsXpress looks for in prospective newsagency marketing group members

We are keen to partner with business owners who look ahead, who want to run a more successful and enjoyable business, and who are open to change.

  • Your location is no barrier.
  • The size of your business is no barrier.
  • Being an Australia Post LPO is no barrier.
  • Your card supplier preference is no barrier.
  • Your financial situation is no barrier.
  • Having lotto, or not, is no barrier.
  • Your age, gender, and ethnicity are no barrier.

What matters most is what you want for your business, and for yourself from your business.

If, for example, you think your future relies on newspaper home delivery, lotteries, parcel collection, betting account top-up, and similar agency business, newsXpress will not be a good fit for you.

If what you want is a more successful, valuable, and enjoyable business, we may be the right fit for you.

Not everyone is, though. In the past there are times we have wished someone all the best and let them know we are not a good fit for them.

Successfully being part of newsXpress requires from you: energy, and engagement. Joining, and doing nothing would not be good for you, your business or our business. This is why we consider prospective members as much as they consider us.

The relationship is a partnership, one we both need to ensure is right.

It’s critical we get this right, critical that we welcome people who do want change, people who look ahead and not behind. We want people who want to contribute to the newsXpress community as much as we contribute to their business.

I love working with retailers who are excited by success. That first win is always the best, so motivating.
Michael Elvey, newsXpress Retail Development Manager / mentor.

newsXpress takes its service of small business newsagents, their businesses and those who rely on their businesses seriously. Our work is comprehensive, relentless and broad in terms of its application with and for a local newsagency business.

We are grateful to serve many wonderful retailers who themselves add value to what newsXpress means and is able to offer. This collective community is a wonderful thing of which to be part.

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I am a Director of newsXpress, a marketing group for newsagents keen for a bright future. You can reach me on +61 418 321 338 or mark[at]towersystems.com.au

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