newsXpress helps suburban newsagency business to grow card sales 36% year on year

A small high street suburban newsagency for which we have seen comprehensive live data has had a good Corona. 2020 was way up over 2019. Better still is the growth in 2021 over 2020.

Working with this business, the card offer has been re-cast in terms of range, placement and in-store engagement. This has all be done with thoughtful guidance from the newsXpress team.

The sales results speak for themselves.

This data is for January through March only. The data for the two and a half months since show even better results.

Any newsagency business in any retail situation or any size and with any capital situation can easily achieve double-digit growth in card sales. The foundation to achieving this is in your business data, not supplier data, your data. It will show you what is possible, what to do.

For the newsagency mentioned above, there has been no capital expenditure on fixtures and a reduction in capital expenditure in inventory.

The biggest barrier we see in our newsagency channel to any business and the channel overall achieving more growth from cards is lack of active engagement with the category in-store.

What it comes down to is: do you want to grow your case sales and do so while spending less? Of course, the answer has to be yes every time to this.

This is where newsXpress helps local retailers grow their businesses.

We are keen to work with newsagents who want success, a more valuable business, and a more enjoyable business life. We help achieve this through encouragement, education, negotiation and support.

We know we are not for everyone. That’s why we say if you don’t think we are a good fit for you, let’s wish each other success, and go our own ways.

We joined newsXpress over 10 years ago to take the business to a level we could not achieve on our own. Not only has newsXpress opened doors to suppliers and deals that were beyond us on our own but the family like community of newsXpress has supported us in ways that go beyond a purely business relationship.
Our thanks to Mark and the team and all the other members.
Brendan and Rita Mason, newsXpress Sunbury Square, VIC.

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