How newsXpress helps local Aussie newsagents sell online

The newsXpress exclusive approach to selling online.

newsXpress offers members easy access to several national traffic-attracting websites. newsXpress head office manages the back end of credit card fees, refunds, returns, free freight, and more. These sites are the fastest, and easiest way a newsagent can sell online.

newsXpress also offers members access to half-price beautiful websites made specifically for a member business. Such a site can run alongside the newsXpress group-wide national sites. See or for two examples.

The web technology is backed up with go-live support, marketing advice, and more. Our approach is to treat a website for a business as a start-up, a source of new traffic, and new revenue for a business.


newsXpress helped us find our niche, get online and through this find online customers as well as new customers for our shop.

It is exciting having a new business like this launch and be successful. It is encouraging, motivating and helping us to see our newsXpress business differently.

Andrea Holmes, newsXpress Numurkah, VIC.


At first, we wanted to put our shop online. As we went through this, discovering how and why people shop online, we realised it was time to change our business name. Paperplay Inverloch was born and through that a new pathway for our business opened.

We are excited for where online takes us and appreciate the help from newsXpress through this.

Trudy and Adrian Banks, newsXpress (Paperplay) Inverloch, VIC.

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