Shop your local newsagency for Valentine’s Day cards this year

Your local newsagency will be the best place to shop for Valentine’s Day cards in 2021 and here’s who …

They have the best range out of all retailers.

They offer personal service shopping.

They can help you write on the card.

They provide a friendly and safe shopping space.

They are local, living in your community.

Shop for Valentine’s Day cards at your local newsagency and you are shopping with a local friend.

Sure, there are some Valentine’s Day cards in supermarkets and petrol stations. It’s the Valentine’s Day cards at your local newsagency that are the BEST.

Your local newsagency most likely has fun Valentine’s Day cards, serious cards, traditional cards and quirky cards.

Your local newsagency is an easier place to shop for Valentine’s Day cards. They give you space to shop in your own time, at your own pace, how you want.

In your local newsagency, the staff can help you choose a Valentine’s Day card. They know all about good old-fashioned customer service. Tell them what you need and they can make some suggestions. At a supermarket counter this is challenging.

The thing about Valentine’s Day cards is that while it is a commercial season designed to get you to buy a card, or two, for which we thank you, it is an opportunity to add a keepsake your loved-ones will cherish for many years.

Think about your Valentine’s Day card purchase in that way, as a keepsake they will cherish for many years. They even hand on to the odd cards, the dad-joke type cards.

Newsagents are more likely to have the cards that will provide for better memories as they have range.

Fun fact: newsagents will sell more Valentine’s Day cards in 2021 than any other retail channel in Australia.

Newsagents go further, too. If you need somewhere to write on the card, your local newsagency is likely to help with this. Hey, if you need help working out what to write on the card, there will be team members in your local newsagency who can help with this too. This is what shopping local is all about, it is how local newsagents help more shoppers for cards express how they feel to those about whom they care.

For Valentine’s Day cards in 2021, shop your local newsagency and see for yourself how this local Aussie retail channel makes a difference in lives and communities. See how relevant newsagencies are today for cards and more.

While there are plenty of retail businesses selling Valentine’s Day cards, your local newsagency is the best place to shop. Go!

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