It feels like we are all holding our breath

It feels like we are all holding our breath, wondering if 2021 will repeat 2020, as we wait to hear the numbers of the day.

The number will be what they are. What we do know is that we can do out bit to stop them growing. That’s why we are cleaning, sanitising and wearing masks … for you, and for us.

The rapid closing of borders was a surprise, yet understandable. However, it feeds into anxiety some feel.

We will do everything possible to provide for you a safe and happy place to shop, so 2021 is more like you hoped.

We are optimistic. Living in Victoria, we have been here before. We know what Victorians can do, what all Australians can do. It’s simple really … wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, discover some delicious new recipes, enjoy jigsaws and talk more on the phone.

Together, we can show this shadow of 2020 that it’s not welcome in 2021.

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