Boxed Charity Christmas cards help Australian charities

newsXpress is grateful to offer boxed charity Christmas cards in newsXpress stores and online this year.

Our boxed Christmas card range serves many different and valued charities that serve Australians in many situations. The charities supported buy the boxed Christmas cards include Beyond Blue, Peter Mac Cancer Centre, Make-A-Wish and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. All such good causes.

These beautiful boxed Christmas cards represent the work of many artists, too, offering an appreciated outlet for their creativity. It is wonderful that their art can being joy to those receiving the cards, those giving them and to those supported by the charities the cards raise funds for.

Boxed Christmas cards are ideal for those sending many Christmas cards. They are also ideal for businesses sending cards to employees and to clients. Community groups, too, benefit from sending boxed Christmas cards to those supporting them.

We are proud at newsXpress to offer a wonderful range of boxed Christmas cards for 2020, an odd year we are sure many will want to celebrate by sending more Christmas cards than they may have sent in the past. This is a year to spread joy, hope and love and a Christmas card, from our charity boxed Christmas card range, is a wonderful way to do this on so many different levels.

Boxed Christmas cards are cost-effective, too. Look at a pack costing $12.99. In this pack you receive 12 beautiful cards, meaning that each card costs only $1.08. This is terrific news for the charity supported and for the Australian artist who designed the cards and for the local Australian printer who printed the cards. yes, this pack, like many packs we offer, is 100% an Australian product.

Charity boxed Christmas cards are good for you, good for the charities supported, good for those you give the cards to and good for the artists they support.

newsXpress through more than 200 stores is a wonderful outlet for Christmas cards ion 2020. We are here with cards that help you express love and care for many this Christmas. We have cards for mums, dads, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, grandparents, neighbours and many many more.

Thank you for buying Christmas cards. Especially, thank you for considering buying Christmas cards and boxed Christmas cards from newsXpress shops and our online card shop.

Christmas 2020 is going to be awesome!

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