How the newsXpress newsagency marketing group helps newsagents through Covid

Here we are in the last week of October 2020 newsXpress continues to provide practical help for small business retailers, for happy and successful trading through the Covid pandemic which is still with us.

Our advice in support of safe retailing has helped our local Aussie retail community of stores trade well since Covid first hit early this year.

From cleaning practices, to shopper engagement protocols, to store layout, to online sales and to safe business management principles, our suggested approaches have been working.

While news and media outlets seem to focus on negative stories, there is plenty of good news for retailers that have proactively engaged in smart and safe retail management in a Covid normal world.

We wish there was more coverage of the good Covid related news stories from small business retailers, like newsXpress stores. Stories of success as a result of sound business decisions and following best practice.

From helping our retailers get even better pricing, to early engagement with out of store marketing, to spotting trends ahead of the crowd … these are key points of assistance from newsXpress in its help for small business local newsagents and their own Covid pandemic journey. They are part of the story that has helped newsXpress stores to be well placed in trading conditions.

First with jigsaws. In February we pitched jigsaws as a growth category in a Covid world. Our members grabbed inventory, and achieved excellent sales.

Online with jigsaws. In March we turned on a national jigsaw website connected to newsXpress stores to win delivery and click and collect sales. It’s been a hit.

First with nesting. In March we identified nesting as a popular growth category. Members following our advice have added thousands of dollars in revenue.

New suppliers. We have brought on 27 new suppliers in recent months, almost all of whom have not previously dealt with newsagents.

newsXpress is grateful for the opportunities of 2020 and grateful to its community of businesses that have embraced newsXpress suggestions and supports. Together we are making a difference this year. Together we are showing that small business retailers working together can create good stories and good news in a world challenges by the Covid pandemic.

We do understand that 2020 is not a good year for many individuals and many businesses. Like any local business, we feel for them. Our core focus, however is on those we serve and those we help feed and shelter. We are grateful to have helped them this year.

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