Storytime: spreading happiness and supporting local communities

Storytime:  “This is the happiest gift we’ve seen in ages,” Helen said, putting 4 of the new Silo Art Trail calendars on the counter. Helen and Terry are locals we’ve got to know over the years. They like to shop early for Christmas gifts for family overseas.

“We love that the calendars are Australian made and feature country towns and the wonderful silo art.” Helen was very happy with her purchase. “We’re thinking of doing a trip to see some of them.” Tony was looking over the silos.

“We loved the calendar when we saw it too,” I said. “It’s such a uniquely Aussie gift.” It’s the truth. When we saw the calendar and read the story behind it, it have us goosebumps.

It’s hard to find gifts like this. We are so grateful to the artists and the communities who will benefit from the sale of the calendars.

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