Local shoppers loving the optimism in local newsXpress newsagencies

While news outlets tend to focus on doom and gloom, local newsXpress newsagencies are happy places where plenty of good news is celebrated every day.

Remaining open all through Covid, local newsXpress newsagencies offer joyful shopping experiences for birthday gifts, games, toys, family fun and self care. They are places of joy and happiness where people can share and encourage gratefulness.

Local newsXpress newsagencies are rainbows in this time when too many talk about clouds.

From fun jigsaws to huggable plush toys to gorgeous Aussie made candles to beautiful Disney jewellery and more, newsXpress newsagencies offer people ways to love life and celebrate at home or for others with easily postable gifts and other celebration opportunities.

For sure 2020 has been an odd year, with its challenges. However, we have learnt so much, discovered so much.  There are many wonderful craft projects, adult colouring, Diamond Dotz, U-Gears, make up kits and more that people are loving from newsXpress newsagents.

There are so many celebrations in families, with friends, work colleagues and more where local newsXpress newsagencies are able to help support the joyful celebration with greeting cards, gifts and more. We are seeing card sales grow because more people are finding more things to celebrate and be happy about.

We are seeing people celebrate new homes, new jobs, new babies, engagements and weddings … so much good news, happiness and joyfulness. This makes our local newsXpress newsagency businesses happy places as people come in with their stories, their news, and they allow us to help them celebrate. It is wonderful. makes us smile every time.

Your local newsXpress newsagency is a place for all these celebrations and more. We have stationery, craft items and other things you can use to make for happy times, fun times and fulfilling times. No matter your age or situation.

Many local newsXpress newsagencies will happily post packages for you and deliver locally within their area. They can help you celebrate those you love and care about and through this help you bring jy to the lives of others.

Yes, the news may be doom and gloom. Your local newsX[press newsagency is a happy place, a rainbow of joy where you can be sure to smile and celebrate all the good things in your life and the lives of those you care about.

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