newsXpress helps newsagents transform their businesses

Every day, the newsXpress newsagency marketing group helps newsagents engage with their businesses in fresh ways.

Here are some of the practical benefits of our newsagency marketing group delivers access to for newsagents.

  • Regular Zoom meetings for members. From March 2020 to now these have been daily at 2pm and on Sunday at 4pm. Plenty who can’t make the meetings watch the videos of them.
  • Virtual trade shows. Where suppliers show products and answer your questions.
  • Better pricing from preferred suppliers with discounts off standard wholesale.
  • Better margin from special deals. Exclusive deals can boost GP by 25% and 50%.
  • Exclusive suppliers: like the Royal Australian Mint.
  • Seasonal A1 posters delivered to your store.
  • Strategic planning. Using our business data, we prepare insights for consideration and lay out a roadmap for change for your consideration. This is leveraging your own business data into an analysis report specific to your business.
  • Ready to go social media. We provide social media posts ready to go, branded and unbranded. With a mixture of text, image and video content.
  • Marketing advice on how to attract new shoppers.
  • Pricing advice based on evidence to maximise your profitability.
  • Member emails: management advice, strategic planning advice and supplier deals.
  • Better cash flow with central billing for almost 50 suppliers. We guarantee payment to suppliers and they like that. You pay us at 45 days end of month – extended terms.
  • Group website access. We offer several consumer facing websites that you can sell from.
  • Half price business website. A Tower Systems developed Shopify site for your business.
  • Everything is optional. We don’t force you to do anything we suggest.

newsXpress offers more than this, hellping newsagents to transform their businesses, finding new shoppers, encouraging a focus on shop local in practical and financially beneficial ways for the business and the local community.

We are grateful to our 200+ newsagent members for their encouragement, engagement and support. They make us what we are and help provide a 2020 of terrific accomplishment.

To find our more about newsXpress, start by querying at One of our team members will engage, answering questions and sharing practical information about how we help newsagents enjoy their businesses more.

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