Storytime: Father’s Day cards from a son to dad

Storytime. “I’m so scared for him, so scared.” 20-something Oscar was telling us about his granddad who was in a nursing home and on lockdown. “No one is allowed to visit, for obvious reasons.”

These days people are sharing personal stories at the counter more so than ever, even those who usually keep counter chats light.

“I spoke to him on the phone and he sounded so sad.”

I knew Oscar liked to draw because he’d buy sketch books from us, so I made a suggestion. “Mate, why not draw a picture of him and you together doing something fun.”

“That’s perfect. Why didn’t I think of that?.” Oscar headed for the door. He was on a mission. I called after him “let’s see it when you’re done okay?!” “Okay,” Oscar yelled back.

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