Storytime. A customer, we’ll call her ‘Tess’ for this story, bought one of our R U OK? cards a few weeks ago because she liked the design on the front of sending a hug in the from of a card. She also liked that the cards were made in Australia. She sent the card to her son with whom she’s had a challenging relationship. Anyway, ‘Tess’ was in yesterday and told us that her son had called her to say things were not okay. He’d been laid off and had some health challenges. ‘Tess’ was grateful that she has been able to reconnect with her son.

‘Tess’ told us the story since she bought on impulse from a display at the counter, and saw it was supporting R U OK?. “Serendipity,” she called it. The card opened a discussion through which ‘Tess’ and her son have become reconnected.

The R U OK? cards from Aussie company Henderson Greetings are helping people connect and reconnect in the most wonderful ways.

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