Storytime: the driver’s licence card

Storytime. This one’s from many years ago. Beth’s marriage had ended unexpectedly and she found herself needing to learn to drive so she could ferry the kids around. After a frantic few weeks grinding gears and learning the road rules, Beth got her licence. I found out about this because Gary, her second eldest came in and told me. “I’ve got to find a card for mum,” he said, “she got her driver’s licence and us kids want to give her a card. Is there a card for that?”

I found the one card we had. “She’ll like that,” said Gary, as he pulled out a handful of coins to pay. He was thrilled to find a perfect fit card.

We still have a card for people who get their driver’s licence. We don’t sell that many, but when we do, people usually tell us the story. We love that.

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