newsXpress: The best bear shops in Australia

The best bear shops in Australia are your local newsXpress bear shops as they have access to quality bears including the Steiff, Clemens and, exclusively, Willow Bears ranges. It is the Willow range, genuinely unique and made specifically for the collector that make newsXpress stores the best bear shops.

With a wonderful selection of bears and dragons, these shops located around Australia can serve any need. They can also ship anywhere too – helping you serve the needs of family and friends who collect too.

Offering LayBy as well makes paying off the bear easy for local collectors.

In choosing a bear, made sure you purchase a bear that is professionally and ethically made. You can see this for yourself at your local newsXpress by picking up each bear, talking to it and feeling for yourself the quality of the plush or mohair and realising from the touch and feel the quality of each bear.

We say we have the best bear shops in Australia as we have the largest range of new hand made in England bears in Australia.

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