newsXpress invites Newspower members to join newsXpress

Here is a note we sent recently to Newspower members, inviting them to join our growing newsagency marketing group:

We write to invite you to consider leaving Newspower and joining newsXpress.

Newspower is owned by GNS and the newsagent associations. While it has a national office and General Manager, it continues to be essentially run at the state level.

Newsagents don’t appear to benefit commercially from their ownership of Newspower.

newsXpress is owned by two people – myself and Graham Randall. While it is a privately owned business, we have never sought nor taken a profit distribution. Since the business began everything made has been reinvested for the benefit of newsXpress members.

Our P&L is shared with newsXpress members every year. Transparency matters to us.

We would love to work with you to help you develop a more valuable and enjoyable business. In addition to supplier relationships that save you money, engaging in-store marketing initiatives, staff training and other practical support, we break away from the traditional marketing group:

  • We run exclusive seasons attracting shoppers not commonly attracted to newsagencies. Sure we do Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the others, but we also do seasons exclusive to us, seasons newsXpress members love.
  • We offer websites that drive in-store traffic as well as online sales. Yes, these are live today, leveraging much loved brands and connecting back directly to member businesses. So, for a web strategy, we have you covered.
  • We support our retail network and online websites with an integrated social media campaign, helping newsXpress members discover new shoppers. If you want new traffic for your business we have strategies for you.

What happens when you join is up to you. You can embrace change over time at a pace that suits you. Alternatively, we can come in with a team and, with you, deliver a make over that resets your business, what you sell and how it is laid out and has regulars asking if there are new owners.

Our opinion is Newspower has lost its way in the rapidly changing marketplace in which we find ourselves today. We’d love to help you embrace change and build terrific value in your business.

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