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In a recent member survey, newsXpress members shared that they loved the free monthly InStore Offers newsletter produced by newsXpress for members. The newsletter is sent as a PDF that can be customised to look like a personal newsletter from the newsXpress business ton its customers.

Some newsXpress members include the newsletter with monthly accounts, others mail it to their customer database, others email it and others have it in a display unit at the front of the store.

Regardless of how the newsletter is distributed, it spreads the newsXpress message far and wide in a professional and proud way. Every newsXpress member engaging with this is reaching beyond their store with the newsXpress message and showing that not all newsagents are the same.

newsXpress was first to market with this type of marketing platform for newsagents. today, years on, the newsletter connects with our live in-store radio, TV campaigns, seasonal promotions and other consumer marketing connections. It’s an important part of our integrated marketing.

This month’s newsletter features some excellent EXCLUSIVE deals that further show off genuine value from shopping at newsXpress.

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