Exclusive diary deals for newsagents

newsXpress has launched a series of exclusive diary supply arrangements for its member newsagents. These deals make product available on substantially better terms than available to individual newsagents. The commercailk value of the arrangement is significant for newsagents of all sizes as the newsXpress deals trade off the collecting volume of our 120+ stores.

newsXpress Jamison

newsXpress Jamison is a new location opened to our brand recently. They have undertaken a creative shop fit which respects newsagency traditions yet pursues new sales opportunities in stationery and allied areas.


newsXpress Armidale

Take a look at the smiles on Ewan and Rod Carr from newsXpress Carr’s Armidale.


Ewan, Rod and their families are go getters in Armidale and have joined newsXpress to further grow their business and to help the newsagency group grow as well. We are thrilled to have them as part of the newsXpress team as they show how a regional / rural newsagency can be very competitive yet retain the enjoyment of a happy family business.

Tax time stationery deal for newsagents

newsXpress is proud to lead the market again with this two page flyer promoting tax time deals of BRAND NAME stationery.

The strategy behind this campaign is the realignment of consumer attitude to stationery pricing and range in newsagencies and in particular newsXpress newsagencies. This is a long term campaign which has been developed with the support of key brand name stationery companies.


newsXpress members across Australia are delivering this flyer to homes around their stores and enjoying the resulting stationery sales kick.

Watergardens, coming soon

We are deep in the middle of building a new corporate store at the Watergardens Shopping Centre in Victoria. We are using this as a test bed for innovations we plan to share with our membership including plasma poster units, Irish magazine fixturing and a new warm and soft overall feel.


The store will open at the end of this quarter.

Member meetings rock

Central to the newsXpress offer is regular member meetings. These are held every six to eight weeks in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with between 80% and 100% member attendance. Members leave the meetings invigorated with practical ideas ready to implement in their businesses and the newsXpress team leaves with good feedback which will help create a more successful over for member newsagents.

newsXpress is a unique marketing group for newsagents. We focus on the positive and use the member meetings to motivate and guide our members to greater success.

Store visits are important

newsXpress has a vigorous store visit program, spending time with members to guide, encourage and motivate. These visits are two-way leading to newsXpress learning how to better serve members.


The photo shows newsXpress Goulburn owner John Stein and newsXpress CEO Mark Nagy in John’s shop last week. John has been with newsXpress for a year and has actively embraced the marketing, ranging and management strategies. newsXpress, for its part, benefits from John’s decades in the newsagency channel – wisdom like his is invaluable.

Congratulations to newsXpress Gympie

Congratulations to Warrick and his team at newsXpress Gympie for reaching the number 1 spot in the ACP Emerald Club. newsXpress Gympie is one of 7 newsagents in the town of Gympie and competes with all the major retailers in the area. This result has been achieved by participating in every promotion with ACP and continually driving sales of his magazines through Beacon Branding, the use of the Magazine Club Card and local store marketing. It is Warrick’s relentless focus on in store promotions and marketing that make newsXpress Gympie a credit to the newsXpress brand and we look forward to seeing more of the wonderful ideas and promotions that come from Warrick and his team.

Detail drives ink and toner success


Beyond ranging advice, negotiating prices and providing marketing materials, the newsXpress ink and toner strategy even supports stores with simple things such as product labels. It is this attention to detail in the package of support materials from newsXpress which is driving success for our members in areas such as ink and toner.

With the focus on respected brands such as Epson, Canon, HP and Lexmark, it is only appropriate that we are professional in our price and description presentation. It is also an ideal opportunity to connect this with the newsXpress brand.

The price labels and other support material is provided as part of the complete package from the group without any additional cost to our members. …another example of the newsXpress difference.

Giveaways push stationery sales

The free filing box we have provided to newsXpress stores to give away with each box of Double A paper sold is working well. Being exclusive to newsXpress, our members can actively promote this knowing that no other business can match them.


Giveaways such as this filing box better connect newsXpress newsagencies with the home office market. That it is built around a brand not promoted in key newsagent competitors means we offer a brand point of difference as well.

newsXpress is committed to bringing more of these practical traffic building deals to its members.

Productivity Commission inquiry

newsXpress last week registered as a party interested in making a submission to the Federal Government’s Productivity Commission Inquiry into Retail tenancies. This submission will be made on behalf of all newsXpress members.

Care and Friendship Month

Here is part o the campaign support for Care and Friendship Month – a greeting card and gift promotion developed and run exclusively for newsXpress newsagencies. All to often in our busy lives we do not take time to say thank you to those who help us: teachers, doctors, priests, friends. We created Care and Friendship Month o focus on saying Thank You. It is designed to help people find the right cards and the right words to show appreciation.


Having started some years ago, this campaign has built a strong following among newsXpress members. They like that they are able to focus attention on cards at a time of the year when card sales are flat. Bu this is not purely a commercial pitch. care and Friendship is also a reminded to our members to appreciate co-workers, family and friends. It reminds us to take a moment out of our busy schedules to show that we care too. For that reminder alone, this newsXpress exclusive program is worthwhile.

Care and Friendship month starts July 1, 2007.

Newsagents joining newsXpress

It has been a busy few weeks with members joining newsXpress in VIC, NSW and QLD. Since we have a strict membership criteria and an evaluation process to manage, bringing new members on is not something which happens overnight. So, the eight new members reflects considerable time in the field and in the office checking to make sure that newsXpress and the newsagents are good fit. With our same store growth being above average for newsagencies in several key categories, it is important that we ensure we partner with people who want to push that further.

newsXpress members cheer Hallmark Alliance

newsXpress members have been contacting our team over the last few days, full of praise for our decision to fund their participation in the Hallmark Alliance program. Our corporate decision means that our network of newsXpress stores will run consistent campaigns around the Hallmark brand at least five times a year. This is the most consistent local area marketing campaign undertaken by a group of newsagents ever. We are confident that time will show it to also be the most valuable.

newsXpress funds Hallmark Alliance for members

newsXpress, the premier marketing group for Australian newsagents, has announced free membership of the coveted Hallmark Alliance marketing program exclusively for its members.

Valued at $1,250 per store per year, the decision by newsXpress invests an additional $137,500 into the marketing of newsXpress newsagencies, taking the total annual marketing investment on behalf of newsXpress members to beyond $500,000 in value.

“This decision demonstrates our commitment to professional group-wide brand-based marketing” said Graham Randall, founding Director of newsXpress. “It is another reason newsXpress stores outperform other newsagencies”.

Through the Hallmark Alliance program, newsXpress members will have access to professional seasonal promotions, additional local area marketing and newsXpress exclusive value added marketing support.

“Never before has a group of newsagents had access to such a comprehensive and valuable national marketing campaign built around key seasons.” Randall commented.

The first season for which this program will operate is Father’s Day in September.

CONTACT: Mark Nagy – CEO (03)9524 8080 or 0409 880 526.

Further statement about GNS and newsXpress

Asked to comment to the editor of a trade journal today about the GNS decision to ban newsXpress from its trade shows, the Board issued this statement today:

newsXpress is disappointed that the Board of GNS has taken this action against newsXpress. Now is the time for newsagents and their suppliers to embrace competition rather than build walls against it.

We have been active supporters of GNS since we commenced six years ago and have participated in the Brisbane Market Fair since we began. To now be locked out on the grounds of newsXpress being a threat is disappointing and offensive to our newsagent members.

Eight more newsagents join newsXpress

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the newsXpress team with another eight newsagents signing to join the group – five in Victoria.

We do not accept all who wish to join the group and have a well developed set of criteria – to ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial. In addition to the eight who have just signed we have more we are working with to establish whether a relationship with newsXpress is right for their business.

Continuous training

Every two months newsXpress hosts member meetings in each capital city. These are supplemented by regional meetings – ensuring we get to all members regularly. These are not your traditional newsagent or small business meeting. No, the newsXpress member meetings are packed with business building training and advice – delivering our members action strategies which they can implement in their businesses without further financial cost.

We believe in continuous training as we have found this to be more beneficial to a newsagency than one long training session before taking over a business as suppliers currently require of newsagents.

Our approach to continuous training is another reason newsXpress businesses are sought after by people entering the newsagency space – no matter where you are in your newsagency lifecycle, you can rely on newsXpress to challenge you to build a stringer and more enjoyable newsagency – for you and your customers.

Local Area Marketing with newsXpress

Around major promotional times small business and newsagents are often looking at different ways to gain a larger share of the market. Most newsagents will allocate funds to marketing in their regular business operation and it is at these times that they need to wisely invest this money.

One effective method to increase their exposure and therefore potential foot traffic and ultimately sales is by running a radio campaign. The level of participation in radio will depend greatly upon your location. Advertising rates in metropolitan areas differ substantially from their regional equivalents.

newsXpress offers their expertise in negotiation, demographics, frequency as well as script and copy writing to members to gain this critical advantage.
Several members have already in conjunction with newsXpress and various radio stations produced effective ads for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the Ink promotions – Need Ink? and HOTink!

For more information on how you can get started with your owm radio strategy contact the newsXpress Communications Centre.

Listen to the ad

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